Crossword No 32

11                  12         
13        14  15  16               
17    18        19    20  21    22     
23          24        25        26 
27              28             

Clues across
1What this needs?  Gentleman ends it (15)
9Quote about animal turning back with a collection of unusual objects (7)
10Captivate Earl North?  Perhaps there’s no alternative! (7)
11Members of religious sect have a ruthless re-organisation, changing direction (9)
12Put the lid back and go over it again (5)
13Made a hole in plank, we’re told (5)
15Part of plant found in the earliest times, initially – could be new or old (9)
17Call taken by company I’m backing with unknown quantity in an amusing manner (9)
21Loud piano is yours, partly (5)
23Make bigger haunt of vice for Women’s Institute? (5)
24Computer component too small for McDonald’s? (9)
27Falsehood almost accepted by magistrate to ease situation (7)
28Skin does this when singlet is torn (7)
29After spell in prison, queen gets porter – he might be needed to carry her away (9-6)
Clues down
1Live well after first of December (5)
2Duck carrying another duck in vehicle (7)
3Innocent, I hide in part of church (5)
4Man crushing insect, standing firm (7)
5Rough as serge?  Lubricants needed! (7)
6Go into train without realising at first, and keep everyone amused (9)
7Each era could produce pain (7)
8Henry found gutted under broken palette. – You know what I think? (9)
13’S draw! (9)
14Get second organised to unblock passage (9)
16Fish turns up in shelter?  No, the other way round! (3)
18Farm animal, after grabbing board game, turns up and is divided into units (7)
19Where the Archbishop has a walk? (7)
20Treachery?  Queen’s missing!  Gone off to this chap at Cowes? (7)
22Her nail is broken – this will help to 14 (7)
25Lightweight cat (5)
26Not poetry – one character moves to get puzzle (5)

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