Crossword No 33

11            12               
13      14  15                   
16  17        18        19  20    21   
22                23    24       
25            26               
27        28                   

Clues across
1Foreboding of evil when leader of partisans and I quit, causing hatred (10)
7Enthusiastic about battered container – nothing more (4)
9Get rid of previous spouse – it could be one way out of a crisis! (4,4)
10Take a turn, perhaps, before start of evening to commune with this mother? (6)
11Yellow dye obtained from Corfu sticks to clothes (6)
12Suffer ill-health and snore, turning back flaps (8)
13Note Greek character in list of items (4)
15Limits jump in front of ram (10)
16Confused, hid sign for tackle (7-3)
20Superior person found in government office (4)
22Going up mountain with sparkling drink – for this sort of love? (8)
23Severely criticises cooks (6)
25Tub seen in omnibus held up in traffic (6)
26Garland certain to be given to five hundred having plenty of free time (8)
27Ruined kid’s slide (4)
28Old documents show dry soldiers being given three sips, initially (10)
Clues down
2Person of refined taste melts pure ice (7)
3First lady stands on collection of books – a memorable incident? (5)
4Vampire, possibly, grabs a hundred and nine turning up in vehicle (7)
5Additional circular, badly written about ancient city, is not included in normal course of lectures (15)
6In a muddle, insect flew up and went first (7)
7Translate: “Print tree” (9)
8Man from north-east Crete (7)
14Car with conventional boot not yet emerged? (9)
17Mick loses head about lull being broken – that’s misfortune! (3-4)
18You won’t 27 on this type of flooring (3-4)
19He whirls around, making five hundred shiver (7)
21Trial installation (of round peg in square hole?)  Will reveal those in best condition (7)
24First and last character on river is a blue (5)

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