Crossword No 35

11          12                 
13      14      15               
16    17        18    19      20     
21                  22        23 
24              25             
26          27                 

Clues across
1Rub in talc roughly – it makes things run smoothly! (9)
6Breaks supports (5)
9Poetic, and keeping quiet about it – just a little (7)
10Send back damaged felt with care after losing article (7)
11Some warmth for the Royal Marines (5)
12He doesn’t belong to group in November, five having been replaced with new men, initially (3-6)
13Trigonometrical lettuce? (3)
14Number one affecting to be artistic (11)
16Woven pattern may stick in the throat (7-4)
20Poorly one with two trainees (3)
21I’m having a drink on a railway?  It’s all in the mind! (9)
22Twisting action not right for hat (5)
24Gray ties placed awkwardly round leg (7)
25Carry on as ocean flows back round mythical bird (7)
26Lady’s upset, unfortunately (5)
27Heavily reduced with mad, mad deceit (9)
Clues down
1Nervous, changing 500 into 50, and turning up at the boundary (5)
2Pesters animals (7)
3State of disagreement (confused boy ain’t implicit) (15)
4After a short distance on first-class return, gas is produced (7)
5Seats?  Ron sits in these, mostly (7)
6Mess of HMS ‘Ferret’?  No more! (11,4)
7Breathes out, missing a drink (7)
8Sarcastic racialist? (9)
13She shares what’s left with her sister (2-7)
15Go out?  Little Florence, we’re told, does just the opposite (3)
17Last sheet of paper?  Change it again! (7)
18President crushes editor – gets the OK (7)
19Around fifty, short-sighted, muddled?  You’ll be no use for these games! (7)
20Job for the coroner, quite confused with two opposing directions (7)
23Finished?  Finish with newspaperman (5)

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