Crossword No 36

10                11           
12          13          14       
15      16        17          18   
20  21      22            23       
24            25    26           
27                28           

Clues across
8Bridge partners and a communist are trapped (6)
9Unnecessary feature of Isle of Wight (south) (8)
10Remain to handle yacht – with this hoisted? (8)
11Unusual topics for spiritual assessment (6)
12Ravel, with pride, could be one taking the plunge for something to decorate his bolero (5-5)
14Appropriate encounter (4)
15Herb shows bad anger when surrounded by ducks (7)
17PS: Ropes are arranged in order to commit act of cruelty (7)
20Air – a reversal of one found in opera (4)
22Heíll screw up Pan-Am by and by – with malice, initially.  And heís such a milk-sop! (5-5)
24Crazy chap – chap taking one to account (6)
25Take out loan during shivering fit, or something resembling it (8)
27Smell awful around edge?  Serve it for breakfast! (8)
28Sailor – one hiding in derelict manse (6)
Clues down
1Winter?  A king, perhaps, would dress in this (8)
2Plea for each to have internal beam (6)
3Confused assistantís bright thought (4)
4Territory surrounded?  Even California is disturbed (7)
5Copying method reveals Cockney hero with chart, surrounded by unknowns (10)
6Veteranís sundial? (3-5)
7Agent turned out rebel leaderís inner self (6)
13Restaurants for people on the move? (6-4)
16Good men from the lower deck making drain covers (8)
18Underwater naval person?  Not quite one of us! (8)
19Speared?  I've lost colour with onset of dread (7)
21University type with his head in a book (6)
23Promise to overturn law on eggs (6)
26Found in choral society, as well (4)

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