Crossword No 1 (second series)

11                  12         
13    14      15        16         
17                  18        19 
20        21  22            23     
24                  25         
26              27             

Clues across
1Nonsense murmured by actors (7)
5Polished ship berthed in dilapidated lodge (7)
9Having a nap until last letter is removed – then in action (5)
10Matured – like a film? (9)
11Tin can?  Knock tin can over, losing first of vegetables (9)
12Infidel hid in this buried city (5)
13Woman – daily, maybe (5)
15Orange bomb mostly re-designed to return to sender (9)
17Seasonal gift from great geese, missing start of emigration (6,3)
18Trap wild animal in church (5)
20Sort of pencil used to confront disturbed crowd – a terrifying weapon! (1-4)
22Someone carving chess pieces (craft found in Warwick?) (9)
24Skill just seen in sale of handiwork (5,4)
25Fiddle detected in scam at Inland Revenue (5)
26Let Cath adjust shoelace (7)
27Failure to start work with explosives is continuing (7)
Clues down
1In favour of root and branch reform?  Or just root? (7)
2Noun I used mistakenly for ‘marriage’ (5)
3Annoy a horse at rave, going wild (9)
4Ran fake bad debts off to get overnight accommodation (3,3,9)
5Controller’s standing on wrong leg near Queen’s representative (8-7)
6Dirty, losing head, getting lubricated (5)
7Putin’s pal turns out to be a petitioner (9)
8Avoiding dog – note drink’s been consumed (7)
14Incompatible woman’s offspring steps on insect (9)
16Surround mariner’s guide, preceded by two of its points (9)
17Cheat and lie, for the most part, in confusion.  Such behaviour’s not this (7)
19Woman’s ornament is a fish (7)
21Creature from belfry seen over church belonging to this group? (5)
23Uniform colour? (5)

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