Crossword No 3 (second series)

11                12           
13  14        15          16       
17      18  19    20        21       
22            23    24        25   
26                27           

Clues across
1Member of royal bodyguard is cultured sort of chap with a smart restyling (9,2,4)
9Agile doctor in middle of African river (6)
10Putting off a Turkish ruler with broken cane (8)
11Wrote poem again – went backwards! (8)
12Give cry of pain when bright colour appears (6)
13Most of coinage held by Officer Commanding Europe, initially – what a happening! (10)
16Ward off a tie (4)
17Novel taken from item Martha wrote (4)
19Too many to count without anaesthetic? (10)
22I? A snob? Looking back, one sees stunted growth (6)
23Drives fast, providing evidence of overheating (8)
26Fifty-one penguins (losing two leaders without tail), one making pasta! (8)
27Fish swallows first of rainwater in ditch (6)
28In adding “Write your name if I’m unable”, let your initials be without appreciable effect (15)
Clues down
2Send abroad – to one-time French island? (5)
3Dramatic situation occurs when gold is placed under board (7)
4Strange odds (5)
5Give up when a group’s at work (7)
6Gas? Wipe eye clean with tissue, initially (9)
7Answered the purpose, seeing lava die out (7)
8These measure very low pressure when artist turns up covered in bacteria, losing energy (9)
14Communist briefly sits on proposition, causing a riot (9)
15Performance ends in riot, perhaps after omitting first of solos (9)
18Fool, for instance, has super weapon (7)
20Dog makes mother rigid (7)
21Reading desk etc turning up in the French senior service (7)
24Scotsman leaves eye specialist and is put to work behind bar (5)
25Fifty submerged by river – which has already engulfed a hundred – do better (5)

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