Crossword No 4 (second series)

11              12             
13        14          15         
16    17        18  19             
20          21    22        23     
24        25      26    27         
28                  29         

Clues across
9Group of musicians without a safety device? (5)
10Temporary bed wanted? Get shown around a thousand by journalist (9)
11Mechanical device for forcing out jet core (7)
12Bird, lit badly, with coat thrown round (4,3)
13Marvellous show (seen in one glass?) (9)
15Religious leader in plain clothes (5)
16Machine for cutting out worry was overturned (7)
19Golly! European Union could provide Christmas fuel (4,3)
20Hundred units of electrical current for holiday sites (5)
21Lost again, confused, with feeling of homesickness (9)
24Two sailors (European) display sauce (7)
26Broken brush sweeps round most of big waste deposit (7)
28Tired out and penniless (9)
29Nadir, perhaps, is where rainwater ends up (5)
Clues down
1How to count in the decimal system provided one has unusual action? Concentration needed! (15)
2See Zen working got a cold? (6)
3Let it stand in best ethnic surroundings (4)
4I join the disorganised corps, concerned with skin trouble (6)
5Her yacht gets wrecked in this fish farm? (8)
6Truth? Get away from city, and find yourself a girl (4)
7Too much to swallow? You said it! (8)
8Chinamen kitting out? This could be useful (8,7)
14Teacher initially requests jobs to be done (5)
15Island depicted in formal tapestry (5)
17The Spanish motorway (winding, endless street) may have these as a border (3,5)
18Looking pale, the German editor moved aimlessly (8)
22Supports and walks stiffly (6)
23Grit and gold fused into instrument (6)
25Spilt peas in part of church (4)
27Instructed wicked evildoer at first (4)

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