Crossword No 5 (second series)

10            11               
12                13           
14  15        16            17       
18      19      20    21        22   
23                24           
25            26               

Clues across
8Scattered to infect? (8)
9I weep as artist returns – an indication of pressure? (6)
10She has love with nothing missing to set aside (6)
11Heated discussion concerning characters from ancient city with magnet (8)
12He holds the rights to pitch tent between Pennsylvania and Eastern Europe (8)
13See poster (6)
14Gainsborough, Pitt or a terrapin, perhaps (8,7)
18More enthusiastic to be a mourner (6)
20Passage found by gospel-writer on silver article (8)
23Native of a specific country throws Alan into confusion (8)
24Name one turbulent river – not this many! (6)
25There’s me, turning back with broken reed to reclaim (6)
26Making unreasonable demands is difficult (8)
Clues down
1Wrecked ship – nothing in the hold – with a girl (6)
2A fellow, speaking competently, is rich (8)
3Saint hugs tree in thoroughfare (6)
4Does it keep one away from smoking fags? (9,6)
5State “I grin crookedly in Roman way” (8)
6Pledge? Company puts two thousand on it (6)
7Goose (clean) disturbed under counter (8)
15Musical drama Edward made to work (8)
16Sam is broken up about intimate friend – get NATO and UNESCO, for instance (8)
17Propose to write note about talking bird (8)
19Believed to be securely fastened, Dan turns up around French island (6)
21Bird flying up around north-east in a straight path (6)
22Sailor’s assessment (6)

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