Crossword No 6 (second series)

11    12              13         
14        15      16             
17            18  19             
20          21        22        23 
24      25                26     
27          28                 

Clues across
1Car component provides height around a driverís legs, initially (9)
6Caramels with no directions make stuck-up people (5)
9Line with teeth (4-7)
10Hill where rubbish is thrown (3)
11Is a souí-wester no use in this wind? (3-6)
13Which Parisian points ruler? (5)
14Sauna cut short, sir, in confusion? Get Ivan! (7)
16Dog lies awkwardly round cooking vessel (7)
17Apply plenty of lubricant to its source (3,4)
19Like eggs, nuts and enemy positions? (7)
20It spins backwards as well as forwards (5)
21Leading draughtsman is one of 6 across (3-6)
24Expression of surprise from peaceful bird? (3)
25These will shake and shake quarter, mostly, when shaken! (11)
27American wimp spies a spy, oddly (5)
28Sailorís hybrid mast can avoid bird at sea (9)
Clues down
1Leading manís number initially gets the bird (5)
2Part of Joanís circle? (3)
3Grub right inside volcanic deposit (5)
4Start graciously to hear and sparkle (7)
5Approaching direction sign in hospital (7)
6Test orthodox carpenterís tool (3-6)
7Halt! Wife ran off Ė with this chap? (6-2-3)
8Prevented from breathing, good man phoned, then went first (9)
12Proposals about answers (11)
14Carriers or sack for mixture (4-5)
15Drunken state? Tie in byre! (9)
18Guilty start repenting when reformed by church ritual (7)
19Greek character is surrounded by crumpled caps belonging to Greek poetess(7)
22Stir up River Ouse, losing energy, but gaining time (5)
23Disturbed, sirenís soared (5)
26Kiplingís little friend appears when Mick turns up, losing a hundred (3)

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