Crossword No 7 (second series)

10            11               
12        13                   
14      15        16          17   
19  20                  21       
22                23           
24            25               

Clues across
8A tissue may wipe this young hoodlum (8)
9Esteemed and worth pence? (6)
10Expensive car dropped in wharf is object of hunt (6)
11It makes you itch for a change; train it, right? (8)
12Ocean ebbing?  Correct! (4)
13Welsh agree to differ – they turn against each other, showing their teeth (4,6)
14Found in many a churchyard, yet we’re confused (3,4)
16Lad follows directions, selling papers (7)
19Traitorous but without a leader – that’s fair! (10)
21Loathe losing a third and getting shaken up – loathe! (4)
22Tramp from two American states with secure connection (8)
23Go back in concert for organised massacre (6)
24Worthless fruit obtained from solemn characters (6)
25We’re told wicked state has associations with sailors (8)
Clues down
1Confuse ‘feud’ with ‘bled’ (8)
2Doctor suppresses Conservative rising?  What boring nonsense! (3,3)
3Wary, upset (4)
4Lacy tip could be just what you’d expect (7)
5Hey, Rev!  We’re all over the place! (10)
6Plumps up about fifty squashes (8)
7Herb obtained from swamp covering north-east Latvia, initially (6)
13Hen fluttering around east is caught by game bird in horticultural building (10)
15He has a will to examine a hill (8)
17Revision of plot about Scottish island is not compulsory (8)
18Characters making a big din could be around for a long time (7)
20Man in shelter turning up – coat needed (6)
21Ugly old woman suppresses soldiers making Scottish dish (6)
23Fruit almost well-rounded (4)

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