Crossword No 8 (second series)

10                11           
12  13        14  15               
16      17        18  19    20       
21            22    23        24   
26                27           

Clues across
1A table on a ship (6)
5Guarantee to be like Cromwell, imprisoning leader of anti-Parliamentarians found in Navy (8)
9Tree surgeon, grabbing owl about to fly off, goes along with you (6-9)
10Boris, confused, is trapped by American with a heavenly drink (8)
11German songs are top of the pops, we hear (6)
12Church workers intone these (6)
15Melody-weaver? We’re told it’s handed on (8)
16Bird is bright red before beginning of October (8)
19Half of garden seen around the harvest (6)
21A trap’s set wrongly in Greek city (6)
22Tree and vessel put in tatty album (8)
25Dizzy state of the feather-brained? (15)
26Made a hash of deep sums (6,2)
27Girl-friend from Kent? (Calm down!) (6)
Clues down
2Fish? Ray is about right (5)
3Liar - one in a flap (7)
4English hills included in some that Ireland owns (5)
5What a ruling party initially turns into – a military expedition? (7)
6Charging one’s batteries? It’s disgusting! (9)
7Plant to cure everything (7)
8Write note about breed of cattle, mostly for that reason (9)
13Cheap frill nearly thrown out – a bargain (4-5)
14Tried to get a tan, ended topless and dirty (9)
17Derby County’s mascot turns up on half of Cheshire boundary (7)
18Old 49/50-ampere light (3-4)
20Irish politician captures injured bird – given seat of honour (7)
23Brother takes directions and makes beer (5)
24Set-up disturbed (5)

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