Crossword No 9 (second series)

11          12                 
13                  14        15 
16                17        18     
19    20      21                 
22        23          24         
25              26             

Clues across
9Adopt prone position when Nile dhow is wrecked, missing opening of harbour . . . (3,4)
10. . . upsetting baron I’d located within the hull (7)
11Pupil quits, merely getting twisted and abrasive (5)
12Common herd dismisses carriers (9)
13Off to Rio next?  It’s daylight robbery! (9)
14Quietly go first to make an earnest request (5)
16Polly Gray charts varied studies of quartz, for example (15)
19Ship which needs altering for River Nile (5)
21Sharpens musical interval – with this? (9)
22Where consumers are on the move, racing about after noise (6-3)
24Four overwhelmed by beer, but by no means dead (5)
25Newspaperman provided diamonds for building (7)
26They’re held by little girls and riveters’ mates (7)
Clues down
1Censor can make public kneel without king being present (4-6)
2Small coin found in broken stringed instrument the other day (8)
3Does this advertising employee crib other people’s work? (10)
4Form of navigation for sluggish one – a learner? (8)
5Container for lubricant turned up in Iona – Clio needed it (6)
6One has a bit of biscuit for a bird (4)
7Clumsy, left in Paris (6)
8Fail to open systems of secret writing in poetry (4)
14I help bears to go off – liable to go off quickly (10)
15Apprentices’ training scheme lands Scottish town in drastic expenditure, initially, with rent payable (3,6)
17Drive o’er? (8)
18Frolicking characters from One Penny Frolic?  There’s a lot of them about! (8)
20Ambassador puts sister over company in which I’m found (6)
21Cane for one employed in candle production? (6)
22Roman day fades away (4)
23The wrong one is sometimes hit with a hammer! (4)

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