Crossword No 10 (second series)

11                  12         
13        14  15    16             
17    18              19    20     
21          22        23         
24              25             

Clues across
1Cold, noisy bird to alight in dream world (5-6-4)
9Greek character busted crime using digits (7)
10Penetrates chessmen surrounding king (7)
11Scoundrel races around inside Mint (9)
12Bear seen initially behind tumbledown building (5)
13Touts a kiss, oddly, to discover sources of ivory (5)
15Rabelaisian figureís crazy (gaga nature, mainly) (9)
17Placed lei on garden lad, perhaps (9)
19Clean up computer program, carelessly using most of budget (5)
21Rug concealed in first-rate fiddle (5)
22Checks shade, weíre told, at edge of pavement (9)
24More dangerous, growing a beard? (7)
25Thing found in newspaper (7)
26Green sort of chap (Tory) losing first and fourth of votes but gaining on one street (15)
Clues down
1Go American Ė pitch madly into something to do with moving pictures (15)
2Diffusion?  Assimilation?  SOS!  Iím so confused! (7)
3Artist depicts doctor in river?  No, the other way round! (5)
4Peacekeeping body altered?  No, remained the same (9)
5Small Ford car caused to be out of action (5)
6Role of the managing director Ė or where to ditch him in a take-over? (9)
7Billís narrative (7)
8Gentleman ends it after this (15)
14Steady, Isabel Ė itís changed (9)
16Bird shaking bardís tree (9)
18Genuine gin (shaken) needed to put things straight again (7)
20Brother with broken chin seen in passages (7)
22White wine and fruit syrup, then nothing before five in Russian city (5)
23Aquatic animals, leaving river behind, rear up and fight (3-2)

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