Crossword No 11 (second series)

10            11               
12                13           
14  15        16            17       
18      19      20    21        22   
23                24           
25            26               

Clues across
8He may have been a hunter, too (8)
9Odd? Thatís rough (6)
10Cold northern region misses start of summer, but itís warmer in this peninsula (6)
11Turn rude Ė badly brought up (8)
12Leave queen held by the beau, disturbed (8)
13A sum of money in hand for expenditure on water (6)
14Fiendish sheep into palm he changes (15)
18America loses leader Ė off to ancient kingdom (6)
20Diamonds and sugar lumps found in freezer (3,5)
23Starting late, I shiver Ė out of sorts, irritable (8)
24Time set by composer for journey (6)
25Selected footwear found in empty cavern (6)
26Music played by curious nonet with no debts (8)
Clues down
1Barb thrown out over the French mob (6)
2Intense thought, mainly about alternative (8)
3Making a drama out of the navy? No, just the opposite! (6)
4Two nationalities meet over gin cocktail, putting a gloss on things (6,9)
5Taking help to the needy, using characters from each tour (8)
6Wild horse quelled by magic? The continuation of the storyís in there (6)
7Is this what rare mead is made from? (8)
15Rowing crew hold vote in favour of unaided vision (8)
16Saints to go wrong along the line (8)
17Applaud a number hiding a drug (8)
19Something to say to a photographer (6)
21Lure with broken net over frozen water (6)
22Several players walk off, but itís not the end of play (6)

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