Crossword No 13 (second series)

11                  12         
13        14  15    16        17     
18                  19         
20    21      22        23        24 
25                  26         
27          28                 

Clues across
1Send Clara off – she can check her dates on these (9)
6Suds nearly OK – stir well to get credit (5)
9Man grabs first of orders with directions for grass-cutter (5)
10Wounded prince, having lost leader of cavalry and clutching bad knee, is refreshed by this man (9)
11Civil Aviation Authority branch ordered to provide vehicle (9)
12Magistrate has leader of desperadoes put in prison (European) (5)
13Avoid American car (5)
15One neat trick (unfinished) is complicated (9)
18Potato peelings to throw away with broken traps (9)
19Hats placed on roof (5)
20Bid for money-box with no opening (5)
22Recent? (3-6)
25A queen retaining clan with two ewes, we’re told, is disposed to be kind (9)
26Work takes time to produce 3 down, perhaps (5)
27Fish, uncooked, lying within towel, gutted (5)
28Stopped and discharged beforehand (9)
Clues down
1A hundred, then nothing, a thousand and one followed by another hundred – that’s funny! (5)
2Scot’s owl, disturbed, to alight on queen (9)
3She’s not quite up to standard (5)
4I’m held captive in a country, giving the illusion of movement (9)
5Spin coins, making a noise (5)
6One ink-jet gets knocked off hinge (4-5)
7Fooled Edward, having dessert tipped on his head (5)
8It’s said cup-holder, first in sprint, is a witch (9)
13Woman’s son steps on insect making jarring sounds (9)
14”Most of empire”, I state, “is based on experiment” (9)
16Working party organise a rockfest (4-5)
17Portion for vegetable plot (9)
21Satyr has a collection of all forms of animal life (5)
22Wild flower? P&O return with forty-one on board (5)
23Wear away pole found in Eastern Europe, initially (5)
24After I disappear, Daniel turns out animal (5)

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