Crossword No 15 (second series)

11          12                 
13        14          15         
16    17        18  19            20 
21          22    23        24     
25                  26         
27              28             

Clues across
9Give sanction to close open sore (7)
10Our Eve’s forced to work long hours (7)
11Most of allowance is a proportion (5)
12He’s a-roving at random, but he’ll find the way (9)
13Make changes to renew moat full of holes (4-5)
15Musical note echoing in clever bell-ringing (5)
16Three feet and a limb found on sailing-ship (4-3)
19Didn’t believe dud to be altered (7)
21Greek character with no material for trousers (5)
22Essential in racy sense, perhaps (9)
25Cried out: “Gold-miner’s plot swallowed by river along with first of diggers” (9)
26This is granular snow – right? Not at all (5)
27Trained characters involved in part exchange (5-2)
28Mixed-up, vain liar? Not right for this woman (7)
Clues down
1Uncontrollable youth makes a rip-off (8)
2Newspaperman, worried, rioted (6)
3Music-makers upset in riot (4)
4Note turns up – found in calf’s stomach (6)
5Called meeting for most of nuns’ house with 2 down, in short (8)
6“Nay!” we hear on stock exchange, dismissing first of economies for folks next door (10)
7Quote New Testament when I’m involved, getting answer to a division (8)
8Law of the French American Indian (6)
14Disappeared without trace – like some milk? (10)
17Artist (popular) put on layer of paint as protection against weather (8)
18Obelisk, perhaps, made by Greek character in short time (8)
20American prosecutor overlooks damaged bakery early in the morning (8)
21Make box to hide Ecstasy (6)
23Confusing clue about doctor of divinity in close embrace (6)
24Commercial outlet is coming (6)
26Headless rogue found in church (4)

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