Crossword No 16 (second series)

11          12                 
13    14        15      16         
17        18      19             
20          21        22        23 
24                25  26    27     
28              29             

Clues across
9Lens needed? Yes, if he’s fuzzy (7)
10Close relatives are put in home (7)
11Communist that is turning back duck (5)
12He hives off his workers (9)
13Scotsman has chat disturbed by vehicle on beach (4-5)
16Immature creature found in molten rock, we hear (5)
17Lose balance when Reginald turns to face deer (7)
19Think: “I hide a gun, initially, in mine” (7)
20Love morning hour on radio (5)
21With ease, we hear, 17 across could make confection for festival (6,3)
24Hail pact I changed to make fatty compound (9)
26Schubert wrote about it in intro, utilising several instruments (5)
28First-rate blood spilt in devilish game (7)
29Overture for cat in ruffled coat (7)
Clues down
1Special prices in “10% off ersatz goods” (6)
2Employed American newspaperman (4)
3Nobleman is surrounded by unknowns annually (6)
4Culinary plant found in Mother Beeton’s book (4)
5Comes in holding confused opposer, and amuses audience (10)
6Animal standing on upturned bucket (not quietly) in bush (8)
7Put in danger, I spared Joe, recklessly (10)
8Look at the heavens and dream (4-4)
14Eat no plain whipped ice-cream (10)
15Company with posh car defaced notice – putting it right? (10)
17Kent gets prizes – for looking this way? (8)
18Little Red Riding’s early years (8)
22Lure using broken net on frozen pond, perhaps (6)
23Cake’s label turning up on water in France (6)
25Cathedral town described as ‘chintzy’, oddly (4)
27Lovat mixture (not last of tricot) seen at cricket venue (4)

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