Crossword No 17 (second series)

11              12             
13            14      15    16     
17        18  19        20         
21    22          23             
24                  25         

Clues across
1Worst case: H-prion runs amok, causing veneration of predecessors (8-7)
9Sycophant gets confused today (5)
10‘Clock’ shows time to change round (9)
11Sees good Queen almost put in ship’s cargo compartment?  No, just the opposite! (7)
12One home run?  Not very square! (7)
13Its members play when missile with no tip is shot back round crate (9)
15He washes dirty linen girl wrapped round top of cooker (5)
17Cook right in front of oven (5)
19Water this shallow is caused by characters in knee-paddle splashing around, overlooking opening of drain (5-4)
21Cor!  Pisa could become uninteresting (7)
23Huge statues found overturned in the course of Henri’s solo climb (7)
24It’s used for internal viewing – last of range, colloquially? (9)
25Plate with tuck in it? (5)
26Carrier of rack for ambulance-man (9-6)
Clues down
1Do they write about themselves, or about their cars? (15)
2Conversation not finished on three occasions during dance (3-3-3)
3Elk, busy, is disturbed by this colour (3-4)
4Stones are nothing to friends (5)
5Feature seen on beach or in paper (9)
6Is tyre mouldy?  Bring this out of hiding! (7)
7Disliked headgear worn by Edward (5)
8Image-maker, upset at tripper’s ration, missing first of sandwiches (8-7)
14Holy tract lies crumpled under the tea-things (4-5)
16Turn too much above beast (9)
18Start in confusion to pass across (7)
20Cut bit off sun at first in East Europe, causing this (7)
22Been around longer – not so hot – fails to start (5)
23Start crowning king – that’s obvious (5)

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