Crossword No 18 (second series)

11                12           
13          14    15          16   
18  19          20    21           
23                24           

Clues across
8Brain-boxes are managed inside spy network (6)
9Spaniel (the Spanish variety) in the hen-run (8)
10Bury a soul – Ernest, unfortunately.  Like this! (15)
11Not yet in double figures, church is a sham (8)
12Break in when sound of cat echoes inside it (6)
13Yes!  Run back round head of reservoir to find breeding-ground for plants (7)
15Urge to get trophies for breakfast-table (3-4)
18Preserve space with fragrant ointment (6)
20Twisted lecherous look covered by veil?  Quite the reverse – wake up! (8)
22Petty disposition due to little 8, singularly? (15)
23Canoodle by river in NE England?  Scarf needed! (8)
24Chap in shelter turned back to get gloss paint (6)
Clues down
1Having ‘Four times two’ right, moving up two places and getting frilly decoration (4-4)
2Peace-keepers on nation’s staff prefer to be dissimilar to a politician (15)
3Graduate with posh car is given two directions – fruitless! (6)
4Look at saxophones, we hear – but these are for climbers, not musicians (3-4)
5Plotting to have half of school pottery holding eggs, initially (8)
6Hare, perhaps – one burrowing in graveyards (12-3)
7Pulls up round first of establishments to dispose of everything (4,2)
14Concerning leg, maybe – don’t forget! (8)
16Rubbed up language with first entries in European dictionary (8)
17Mineral to flatten or extrude, primarily (4,3)
19Folk-actor – does he keep everyone quiet? (6)
21TV-watcher’s eye (6)

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