Crossword No 19 (second series)

10                11           
12  13        14  15        16       
17                18           
19      20      21    22        23   
24                25           

Clues across
1He hands round a broken pub sign (4,3,6)
8Was foolscap provided for them? (6)
9Pull cotton out of needle and hurt opening of eye, perhaps (8)
10Arrange BA in line once every two years (8)
11The Spanish meat is sent back, lacking guts (6)
12Season well (6)
15Talking proudly of snake bite (8)
17Omen? Verb is changed this month (8)
18Tortured silent volunteer (6)
19Red tie is knotted badly change it again! (2-4)
21Pole, perhaps, reveals coin stuck to broken piece of glass (8)
24Having limited intelligence, beautiful girl mostly seen in gym (4-4)
25Unknown with weapon returns, finding it difficult to stay awake (6)
26What little boys wanted to become a source of power with golf clubs? (6-7)
Clues down
1Alluring woman? Some time and then Im there! (5)
2Anger about scam inside European Community get opposing parties to agree (9)
3After removing (for example) spear, becomes very musical (5)
4Sort of gun put in casks twice? (6-9)
5Old-fashioned, not into fruit (3,2,4)
6Tend to run up against leading characters in serial (5)
7Understands about a design for aircraft unable to use landing-field (9)
13Falsely reproduce method (9)
14Get web one spun for shuttle diplomat (2-7)
16Elephant, tail first, loses article and gains one useful for a trunk call? (9)
20Edit computer program, taking time out after re-arranging budget (5)
22Irish Republic holding woman turning up to create links between centre and fringe (5)
23Fools evaluate endlessly (5)

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