Crossword No 21 (second series)

10                11           
12          13                 
15  16      17          18       
19      20            21      22   
24            25               
26                    27       

Clues across
8Little bird loses its tail, looks 3 (4)
9Places where coal is found are areas full of hazards (10)
10Wedge wearisome person (European) in rally (8)
11In high spirits, editor accepts confused story (6)
12Puzzle concerning public transport (5)
13Tin or can, maybe, holding drug (9)
15Jack could be a comical chap (4)
17Catch girl with nothing (5)
18Small insect?  Itís been swallowed by me (4)
19Uncle, sore, turned into fenced-off area (9)
21Strengthen a pair (5)
24Peace disturbed around south?  Get away! (6)
25Confused goat runs round swamp at start of November, but a slippery slopeís needed for this (8)
26Having completed an apprenticeship, meets diver splashing about (4-6)
27Endless track twisting round pond (4)
Clues down
1A few words reveal stage in growth to be about right (6)
2Stuck in the Arctic, seeing floe jump (8)
3Sting sets up vehicles (5)
4A French devilís overturned pastry; I have no wish to show feelings (15)
5Pretence?  No thanks, love! (9)
6One half of the choir I caned for a change (6)
7Followerís stick placed on books (8)
14A worker in A&E, going up the wall? (9)
16Carol turns up, possessed by a nervous twitch Ė an unbeliever (8)
18A grim, twisted, ancient plant (8)
20Despite its name, itís not front page news (6)
22Carry on, upset without right pencil (6)
23Dwelling made from broken sun-dried brick (5)

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