Crossword No 23 (second series)

11            12      13         
14        15              16    17 
18    19  20                21     
22          23        24         
25              26             
27                  28         

Clues across
1See the French torn or rent (5)
4Try to have last word before start of the declaration (9)
9Be obsequious and not so rough (7)
10Eggs on about it, returning for applause (7)
11“Understand the wind,” we’re told; “It’s coming towards the shore” (3,6)
13Rely on seeing first sign of trouble – corrosion? (5)
14Something to pull you up?  Nothing there to fail, it’s said (6,5)
16Priest seen in unreliable company (3)
18Remove bride’s heart (3)
20Tidings brought to characters in the form of club circulars (11)
22Place for birds to rest in kangaroo’s territory (5)
23Romans in sports arena exchange two leading characters for first of races – they lose their heat (9)
25Samuel has a certain attitude about ancient country (7)
26A monarch in the grip of a vice – covetousness (7)
27Superior brain-power produced from processed lentil etc (9)
28Part of joint goes round musical group (5)
Clues down
1If several go astray, he’s on hand to help (4-5)
225 lost its leader, endured revolution and suppressed country’s capital, it was written (7)
3Steer running wild in compound (5)
4Sailor turns traitor (3)
5Obstructed discussion of style of construction for castle (11)
6Soldiers subject to a role before third of October – that’s flat! (9)
7Fastidious person spreads French spice around old city (7)
8One more player than 28?  Hold it! (5)
12Lubricant required for manual labour? (5,6)
15Monstrous sharp or flat (9)
17Pressing American girl into camping? (9)
19Stupid matador gets nothing in exchange for article found in porch (7)
21European movement produces strong feelings (7)
22I sort out potato dish (5)
24A profit once more (5)
26Torture lion in performance (3)

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