Crossword No 24 (second series)

10              11             
12        13      14    15         
16    17      18    19        20     
21              22    23        24 
26                  27         

Clues across
1Gangs go sailing, we hear (5)
4Starts swallowing disputed thick drinks (9)
9“Hearty clutching crushed haw is drowning in debts!”  Ay, I’m listening, but taking no notice (1,4,4,3,3)
10American state blots out city (7)
11Church, otherwise a London district (7)
12Church suffering dearth in American state (9)
15It is not colloquial here (5)
16Hippy? (5)
18A plotter (not Tory) is a sucker (9)
21After reformation, Ken’s ready for parliament (7)
22Urge boss to find brainy chap (7)
25Flattening demure girl’s plant (7,8)
26Ken longed to change animal’s retreat (3,6)
27It turned round and went in front covered in slabs (5)
Clues down
1Hundred on branch?  Get up there! (5)
2Gray tiles scattered around, for example (7)
3Walk like this in street with furrow cut by traffic (5)
4Learner establishes church in upper room (7)
5Sight-related check almost set in stone (7)
6Tandem or sofa, possibly (3-6)
7Maintains: “Sin sits in error” (7)
8‘M’, say, seen in mess party, drunk (9)
12Attractive girl to root out garden pest (9)
13Essex vice could be too much (9)
14Girl loses head – idiot! (3)
17Grebe, circling, holds up danger to shipping (7)
18Eating well-chewed nuts?  Initially it stimulates resistance to bacteria (7)
19Chesty, like more than one around start of evening (7)
20One leaf short of being lucky? (7)
23State: “Stomach turns over!”  Is it the range? (5)
24Fear’s passed over?  That’s about right! (5)

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