Crossword No 25 (second series)

10                11           
12          13          14       
15      16                    17   
18  19      20            21       
22            23    24           
25                26           

Clues across
8Fail to win in court or private room (6)
9Viking rider loses his head, gets new leader (8)
10American agent held by English colleague to waste away (8)
11Assemble and present gun to that woman (6)
12Dear clientís entangled (10)
14Location in a sense, itís said (4)
15One disliking change wants discussion, swapping beginning and end of verses, first (15)
18Crazy idol found in swimming pool (4)
20Eight hands could be deadly (10)
22Mouse is slain, oddly, and found on the breakfast table (6)
23Itís sufficient to make poster balance (8)
25Reluctance to change longitude, initially, in this navigation system (8)
26Pinches alloys, weíre told (6)
Clues down
1Furious, having nothing for bird (8)
2Disturbed spy crushes rebel leaderís spirit . . . (6)
3. . . before climbing volcano (4)
4Capable of being switched around like Cain, Abel Ė then Reg (15)
5Father, holding on to wig, takes Detective Inspector to court Ė a user? (4,6)
6Dump black stone?  Itís awkwardly put on (8)
7I leave one in hospital Ė thatís obvious! (6)
13Stingy liar is upset by complaint (10)
16Godparents forming backing group (8)
17Date with first of lovers?  Yes Ė turning up to cuddle in a dignified manner (8)
19A first-class gun destroyed lizard (6)
21Stored in river in outskirts of Harvard (6)
24Banquet doesnít start in this quarter (4)

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