Crossword No 27 (second series)

11                  12         
13    14      15                 
16        17      18             
19                  20        21 
22          23    24        25     
26              27             

Clues across
9Raise hat mostly turned back-to-front by the French (7)
10Wealthy, maintaining old river-boat with two leading characters from Leicester on board (7)
11Cartel providing unpaid servants anticipating food (9)
12Artist’s awfully rude before starting restoration (5)
13Lacking funds in the British or the French currencies (5)
15Rumbling around, thunder had overlooked a centennial (9)
16Confused primates follow river  – this is where it will end up (4,3)
18In trouble, tried very hard initially, and flourished (7)
19A cool chill, mostly suffered when drunk (9)
20Jokers, perhaps? (5)
22Head has nothing for a jollification (5)
23Diana and Athene, mad dogs swallowing scattered seeds (9)
26Enlarge short month and provide people with time (7)
27Beer-lorry backs up to a marine.  No time for a drink until the sun’s over this! (7)
Clues down
1Basset?  No, more than one animal (6)
2Girl’s old Indian coin (4)
3Thing to protest against (6)
4Even so, one is a mysterious creature (4)
5Pirate with a nervous twitch describing marriage where children don’t inherit father’s title (10)
6Kill queen?  He’ll do it! (8)
7Evil draper reforms, becoming collector of gems (5-5)
8Saint bent over and stiffened (8)
14Pump in too many volts, asking too high a price (10)
15Lad, confused in mountains, could see the track with these (10)
16Exhausted down-and-out (4-4)
17Ship’s glass (8)
20Shouts ‘Hooray’ and ‘Thanks’ (6)
21Seed, street and password (6)
24Periods of time drag? Yes, oddly (4)
25Irishman’s turned up for a quarrel (4)

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