Crossword No 28 (second series)

11                  12         
13        14  15    16        17     
18                  19        20 
21    22      23        24         
25                  26         
27              28             

Clues across
1Guide’s to study channel (7)
5SOS!  I’m so upset by this process (7)
9Propelled boat and fell out (5)
10Little one given headgear in early years (9)
11I am spreading money around Urban District – what cheek! (9)
12Up to the time when broken nut is given to 49 (5)
13Yawned – and leader of group copied (5)
15He takes his pick down below, and ‘No reclaim’ upsets him (9)
18Saint, clothes in tatters, about fifty, wandered off course (9)
19Sways to and fro with lumps of stone (5)
21Came together concerning unit of measure (5)
23Girl emerging from tube held back-to-front by poet (9)
25Gone rusty, perhaps, but not this one, surely? (9)
26Insect encountered space?  No, the other way round! (5)
27Poured scorn on most of ride, indeed! (7)
28Goddess seems in confusion (7)
Clues down
1Attacking with a knife, but being concerned about first of victims (7)
2Perhaps peer pawns publication (9)
3Peacekeepers acted and dismantled (5)
4Chance it on 50?  Maybe it’s about the application of science! (9)
5Nothing bad turns up in Mediterranean fruit (5)
6One held by managing director and accountant when things get hot (9)
7Chase away first of tigers to take picture (5)
8Leather-worker breaking ladders (7)
14Counterfeit gold urged?  That’s crooked! (3-6)
16Star’s arable land not starting to be tilled (9)
17Devil cites pseudonyms (9)
18Get a dog someday, perhaps (7)
20Hustles around, making tracks (7)
22More reliable herb replacing heart of timber (5)
23Old-fashioned, but went out with girl-friend (5)
24The Royal Marines show some heat (5)

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