Crossword No 29 (second series)

10                11           
12            13               
14  15        16          17       
18      19          20        21   
22            23               
24                25           

Clues across
8Insect in conflict?  No, just the opposite – look out! (6)
9Acts as foreman, we hear, in another continent (8)
10One lusting to become a speaker of another language (8)
11Forced five hundred, split (6)
12Chap’s holding painting and suit (6)
13Weapon used by the RAF Regiment? (3,5)
14A fall from a cliff is insignificant (1,4,2,3,5)
18Abraham gets confused about start of lessons in Spanish palace (8)
20Doctor grabbed by South African terrorist (6)
22Cats swallow it, turning back when crackling’s heard on radio (6)
23Register small hut – one made of wood (3,5)
24Drunk, leery old man heard in mountain region (8)
25Generator loses round attractive thing (6)
Clues down
1“I came”.  (Said by Caesar and written above church in this city) (6)
2Jumper with a pocket (8)
3Negligent about girl (6)
4Where some who get framed are found hanging (8,7)
5Terrible danger overwhelms me – get a policeman! (8)
6Idiot is one found in Italy (6)
7Flower presented by mostly untruthful person riding on animal?  Quite the reverse! (8)
15Cancellation of diet Noel changed (8)
16Idiot’s one award, supported by hundred on French island (8)
17Scot turns up, overcoming suffering we hear, in military operation (8)
19Two articles, first of many, in hymn (6)
20Large lady, being married twice (6)
21Prepared for publication?  I’m stuck between Edward’s two versions (6)

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