Crossword No 31 (second series)

11                12           
13      14      15    16        17   
18                19           
20  21        22  23        24       
25                26           

Clues across
1Too many buildings seen in photo spoiled by such treatment (15)
9Disorganised, ice-hockey loses last three characters having resounding quality (6)
10How trouble starts?  Occupying the throne, we’re told, but acting as a teacher (8)
11Animal in poor team returns first class, causing bad blood (8)
12Places one thing inside another, in groups (6)
13Rotter, surrounded by spies, produces insect (6)
15Poorly grounded and always beaten (8)
18Polariscope splits any laser (8)
19“Recipe?” we hear sixteenth character chuckle (6)
20Checked by animal doctor? (6)
23Problem with eye producing drop of water (8)
25One lantern damaged inside (8)
26Pals in trouble to do with column (6)
27Ancient dweller in Scotland approaches river concerning warehouseman – one who will tidy up the illustrations (7,8)
Clues down
2Winner (Scotsman) from the latter part of the 19th century (9)
3Port, German?  Yes, and wine, Spanish! (5)
4Surround space, having navigation-aid (9)
5Copper caught in twisted rail under luxury car with additional copper on top, outside the set course (15)
6Animal that’s acceptable riding on a Greek character (5)
7Almost ran amok to get pigment (9)
8Boast of daring tightrope-walker in this group (5)
14Share vegetable patch (9)
16Changes side set-up and acts as substitute (9)
17Be responsible for rancid ice (non-European) I consumed (9)
21Weariness that is creeping up, overwhelming dissolute nun (5)
22Academic or benefactor (5)
24One’s caught by crumpled horn of this beast (5)

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