Crossword No 32 (second series)

11              12             
13        14          15         
16    17        18  19             
20          21    22        23     
24              25    26         
27                  28         

Clues across
9Perhaps Novello has the first of your key material (5)
10Beating bats fluttering about in a party (9)
11Group I see broadcast established work (7)
12Noble gets award for place to support pendulous ornament (7)
13Tucks in?  Out of order – gets fatter (9)
15Caught on floating platform, displaying skill (5)
16Vivid concepts?  Six boys are grasping one (7)
19Vikings, we’re told, are first-aiders (7)
20Utilising, losing it when returning with fifty-one – but still utilising (5)
21Six or poet?  Confused?  Get interpreter! (9)
24Slumberwear is near neckwear (7)
25Prevalent in pitchblende, microscopically (7)
27Gets back on a sour, disorderly, prehistoric creature (9)
28The French in retreat, surrounded by view of France – a price worth paying? (5)
Clues down
1Impish behaviour creates mess around vicious hens, flustered (15)
2Like the ten commandments after the stone tablets were broken? (6)
3Looks at English?  That’s right (4)
4Counter a British bill placed on America (6)
5Idiot has ruined roses – here’s one to estimate the cost (8)
6Very small fragments used as electronic components (10)
7Wise man seizes wrecked boat in act of malicious damage (8)
8Poor public, constrained by limits of propriety, have thrown up nets around haystack (7-8)
14Show of euphoria about our new gift initially is a stretch (10)
17Shorn like the shore? (8)
18Lee talks about bony appearance (8)
22Writer of horror-stories to attempt verse (6)
23Early, finding Emil confused in outskirts of Tenby (6)
26Faked knock-out in low joint (4)

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