Crossword No 34 (second series)

10        11          12       
13            14               
15      16          17           
18  19        20  21    22        23   
24                25    26       
27        28          29       
30              31             

Clues across
1Iberian bridge is hazardous at first (7)
5Made an anagram: ‘In a right-angled triangle’ (7)
10Make obeisance endlessly in joint (4)
11A component is isolated (5)
12Changed gear in anger (4)
13Greek character lies about food for breakfast (6)
14The way an elf signs his letters? No, it’s you – emphatically! (8)
15Attack in Virginia – endless noise echoes (8)
17Lacking water around pool, mostly, curling back and wilting (6)
18Staple transformation for botanical specimens (6)
21Disturbed chat about broken tile – is that sporty? (8)
24Motionless, putting label on grandmother in street (8)
25Greek character coming back to get cheese turnover (not yet prepared) (6)
27The responsibility is ours, it seems (4)
28Chap (North American) provides food for travellers in the desert (5)
29Form of lighting – none’s altered (4)
30About to spoil railway, become member of union again (7)
31Clergyman (Gaelic) to go back (7)
Clues down
2It’s mightier than the sword – another weapon I’m involved with to get this bird (7)
3Wants to turn out dense (5)
4His law I translated into foreign language (7)
6Stun a noise around beginning of teatime (7)
7So, Percy, go wobbly! This could keep you steady (9)
8Urge to go on pleasure flight and get drink (3,4)
9Woman at home, serving at table, is royal attendant (4-2-7)
16Avoiding radiotherapy initially, a gas, I learn, could provide freedom from pain (9)
19Net gets broken twice before start of European agreement (7)
20M-master in confusion (7)
22Transport business could create a laugh before engine starts (7)
23Not exits? Not outside, either! (7)
26Rodents swallow first of nuts, and walk in an affected manner (5)

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