Crossword No 35 (second series)

11          12                 
13            14      15         
18                19          20 
22        23          24         
25              26             

Clues across
9Expensive, the French church spire (7)
10“’Morning, Heather!  What a great country!” (7)
11Frequently decimal? (5)
12On which musical scores are written? (9)
13Doesn’t it make you sick? (6)
14Sue posed, perhaps to get engaged (8)
17Pay for a portion, holding Sid back, ensuring uniformity (15)
18Protector’s covering a disturbed raid with weapon (8)
19Conclusion held by Turkish commander, defining items for meeting (6)
22Intoxicated, stabilised broken bone (9)
24Throw tar (5)
25Influential in future development in metals, omitting tin initially, then melting down (7)
26Losing head, painted in dotty fashion and drank too much (7)
Clues down
1A beach where sailor’s found when he leaves his ship (6)
2Chap ready for a duel is a royal bodyguard (9-2-4)
3Absence of prejudice in one undergoing brain surgery? (4-6)
4Streaks revealed in passive inspection (5)
5Can’t a fist sort out characters?  That’s amazing! (9)
6Look up and down (4)
7Girl’s to transfer charged particle at cathedral town in an impartial manner (15)
8Scold Henry and little Daniel, we’re told (8)
15The seeds of Protestantism in Northern Ireland? (6,4)
16Wages list found on dinner-table (5,4)
17It shows the way to write name on letters (8)
20Garden pests hid in plant juice, upset (6)
21Woman has to correct draft before start of holiday (5)
23Disrupted school’s quality (4)

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