Crossword No 1 (third series)

11          12                 
13            14      15         
16    17      18            19     
20        21        22  23         
24              25             

Clues across
1Rocklike centre found by Edward on headland, displaying ungenerous attitude (15)
9Blanked off windows (not quietly) and spoke (7)
10Inexpert friend wears gold, right? (7)
11It picks winning numbers – one is swallowed by sea-eagle (5)
12Search a brown tent, initially, for fighter (9)
13Altitude overwhelms confused boy, but this will illuminate the route (9)
15Haul back to church in ravine (5)
16Spy grabs artist, causing cloud of droplets (5)
18Extortioner making noise behind English queen (9)
20Place ban on Mocha, Espresso etc here? (6,3)
23Relation is pleasant around start of evening (5)
24A huge prison with no opening for maid (7)
25Metal-worker may need this to melt his material (7)
26He checks on the whale population, perhaps, and monitors the progress of the youngsters (6,9)
Clues down
1Provide accommodation for doctors – doctors found in hospital (5,10)
2Rounded a domed building (7)
3Larking about in stage version of Black Beauty? (9)
4One with slipped disc detects submarine (5)
5Nervous twitch appears after shock – very upsetting (9)
6Little drink’s a serious affair (5)
7Look at cocktail, we ‘ear (7)
8Does he carry the rack into the torture chamber and help to take away the sufferers? (9-6)
14Italian patriot takes the biscuit (9)
15Fruit sounds like an environmentally-friendly measuring device (9)
17Flashy Air Force smelt, perhaps (7)
19Gray, for example, has one in the Spanish street (7)
21Period of time given to muse (5)
22It’s a puzzle about transport (5)

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