Crossword No 3 (third series)

10        11                   
12                13           
14  15        16  17               
18      19          20    21       
22            23    24        25   
26                    27       
28              29             

Clues across
1Weep last when upset, that’s clear (7)
5Hold back damaged bin I hit (7)
10Awry, awry! – careful! (4)
11Two ampères, perhaps – the driving force behind the industrial revolution (5,5)
12Expressed strongly: “Chap I met is crazy” (8)
13Side by side with one turning out to be picture-framer (4,2)
14Rolls of tobacco produced when fools grab last of cigarettes (6)
17Evangelism makes some rather outré achievements (8)
18Deadlock – one of fifteen (5-3)
20Dye splashed over boy, turning out to be fatal (6)
22Author crooning, but having no ‘go’ (6)
23Call to mind and note one of group (8)
26Quiz-master to seek answers from queen (10)
27Cover for back, holding nothing (4)
28The French tarts could create surprise! (7)
29Promised, but quietly put on shelf before first of December (7)
Clues down
2Genuine leader of minor kingdom (5)
3Cuts down reformed characters from shy sect (7)
4Fool sits on alien item of property (5)
6Named, maybe?  Named?  Not I! (9)
7One very tardy to keep away from others (7)
8Just the same, I make an impression in one US state (9)
9Silence maintained over sacrifice – a gesture made towards reconciliation (5-8)
15Condensed form of 11’s first half, although on time, reveals where rain may end up (5-4)
16Tableware on account gets the bird (9)
19He doesn’t do drugs, nor holds North American ecstasy (3-4)
21Thought highly of naval officer, losing Alistair briefly in favour of young Edward (7)
24Painting shows first of merchantmen on Russian river (5)
25Wear away bar between 8 points (5)

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