Crossword No 4 (third series)

11          12                 
13                  14         
15    16        17  18    19         
20        21  22    23        24     
25                  26        27 
28              29             

Clues across
9Wide range of cooking vessels found in river (7)
10Put prohibition order on that woman with Ecstasy and Irish spirit (7)
11Bedding needed for animals when skin blemishes return (5)
12In court, archer (European) is kept inside, displaying brain-power (9)
13Past eight?  Cook this dish! (9)
14Most of tax returned with gold for royal house (5)
15Personal sprite for you or me (7)
18Mock Post Office having nothing to clean locks (7)
20Rub out to alleviate – that’s about right (5)
22Boat with weapon is meeting-place for sailors (5-4)
25Old hat like a stone from fruit (3,2,4)
26Tax bird-man (5)
28Right! I leave Eugenie broken-hearted, and go back on promise (7)
29Cruel people?  Crack troops keep distance, in short (7)
Clues down
1Goulash is thrown up and makes things very damp! (4)
2Ancient city’s role in South America (6)
3Cocaine’s the thing to free you from the weed?  It may help you to get around in winter! (8)
4Stand firm against crazy sister (6)
5Sailor colours and keeps away (8)
6Joint on head of tibia will make an ornament (6)
7It disinfects the flock when rough sea engulfs ship?  No, the other way round! (5-3)
8Landlord’s fiasco – this explosive device (6-4)
13Scratch table which shows players’ progress (10)
16Demanding payment for former role-playing (8)
17Self-adhesive material from which to make a model aeroplane? (8)
19Height not quite the same as latitude (8)
21Image of you once turning up holding f-fruit (6)
23“Gorgonzola!”  Perhaps just saying it makes one smile (6)
24Dead street, just the opposite of 25 (6)
27Banquet fails to start in Orient (4)

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