Crossword No 6 (third series)

10                11           
12  13      14            15       
16              17             
19                    20       
21      22      23            24   
25                  26         

Clues across
7Sound of wagons fades away (5)
8A puzzle for monkeys – can they climb it? (9)
10Heckles leader of society, not wanting anything (5)
11Shellfish belonging to me is warm and damp (6)
12Wine used in grandma’s tipsy-cake (4)
14In confusion, tune in late for officer (10)
16This will give you a lift.  Everyone in favour? (7)
17Mules and horse, a child tells us, are misused to bring in contraband goods (7)
19Why revere crazy European – universally? (10)
20Motor race’s noise upset youngsters, initially (4)
21Firmly-established housing for animals (6)
23C H I N O, for example (8)
25Double’s all kookie (mad, that is) (4-5)
26Vehicle in Kent causes fright (5)
Clues down
1Food is reasonable, we’re told (4)
2We’d heard murderer – found in garden shed (10)
3Kitchen furniture seen backstage (7)
4Alive and conditioned like steel, but easily roused (5-8)
5A convict turns up at fete (4)
6Having robe removed, perhaps, and taken to pieces (10)
9Dinners run smoothly – the housebound get them (5,2,6)
13Extreme hunger suffered by leading actor facing tax on iron (not right!) (10)
15Nice egg Len scrambled, showing lack of care (10)
18Ornaments belonging to French found in streams (7)
22Cook most of kebab, minced (4)
24Lake formed in mountains, thanks to Royal Navy (4)

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