Crossword No 7 (third series)

11                12           
13  14        15  16        17       
18                19           
20      21      22    23        24   
25                26           
27            28               

Clues across
1Concerning poetry, goes backwards (8)
6Iron, for example, could be extracted from this area (6)
9Fail to win, enshrined in record and shut down (6)
10Assorted particles of dirt seen put in (8)
11After joint, stupid person makes a reflex action (4-4)
12Bet he’s in command (6)
13Lurking in haven, general’s there to exact retribution (6)
16Brought up nicely, changes to turn rude (8)
18Wait outside to pester householder for a thick slice of bread (8)
19Barmy, expressing assent to be placed next to filthy place (6)
20Characters in this bar fly around in orbits (6)
22Came back to earth?  It could be a delight (8)
25Doing as one’s told, establishing garden plot in East?  Not right! (8)
26The rootless damson’s chopped up (6)
27Fool comprehends most of story, illuminated by the setting sun (6)
28Drawing back and giving way again (8)
Clues down
2Woman – she French?  Not originally (5)
3New Yorker, perhaps, seen at festival with socially inept person, endlessly (9)
4Bottom border of map depicts wetland plant (5)
5Gluing wall-covering?  Protection for scratch needed! (8-7)
6It can be blown or made into jam (9)
7Waist measurement goes up in tight rig-out! (5)
8In the red – more than one series of deliveries held back (9)
14Ancient instrument in part of London – its horsehair scrapes over sheep’s intestines (6,3)
15Wanderer’s synonym in broken text reveals an outgoing person (9)
17Not feeling humiliated by nude, badly depicted, while holding a fake (9)
21Third earl, oddly, comes in and goes out (5)
23One icon changes architectural style (5)
24Finish working?  It’s one way to look at things (3-2)

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