Crossword No 8 (third series)

11                  12         
13        14  15    16        17     
18                  19        20 
21    22      23        24         
25                  26         
27              28             

Clues across
1Remove undergarment and steal away (4,3)
5Daft, upset about that man – a stupid person (7)
9Fuss about worship (5)
10Hens, perhaps, which prey on garden pests (9)
11Called out former assertion to editor (9)
12Bird, westbound, held in iceberg’s grip (5)
13Sulphur, oxygen, lithium and deuterium – a list that’s reliable (5)
15He sells the latest information and fresh slander, initially, to a chap (9)
18 They don’t stop heartless boy following non-English passengers (7-2)
19Bare island holding tyrant leader in captivity (5)
21Clear off, taking odd characters from secure army (5)
23So the referee has mineral (9)
25Drawing medium provided by kind Ian in confusion (6,3)
26Carriers revealed in ultraviolet ray scan (5)
27Toothy smile given by the German – he wears things down (7)
28Favourite’s most expensive (7)
Clues down
1Ragged streaks seen on the ice (7)
2I call for help: “Celeste has note missing – special type of triangle needed” (9)
3Nothing very big for last character (5)
4Office centre regrets making fine threads (9)
5Lost colour, being badly deaf, then died (5)
6Slides over snow to swamp, then snag turns up (9)
7Weird result from dumping Ecstasy in lake (5)
8Fall of the French coin (7)
14Take a number of sheets of paper – between 500 and 50 – and afterwards write down this imaginary place (9)
16Falsely deny wreck, with the head twisted round (3-6)
17Lay flags upside down, then deliver speech and vanish into thin air (9)
18Overtaking – providing a job for undertaker? (7)
20Breaks saint’s knee in assembly (7)
22Girl in bad atmosphere making spokes (5)
23One making an effort in German city (5)
24More than usual pulled out of next race (5)

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