Crossword No 10 (third series)

11            12               
13  14              15        16   
17          18            19       
20      21      22    23           
24  25              26        27   
28        29          30       

Clues across
8Harvest taken from fertile area, perhaps (4)
9Definition of sex-appeal: “Love at zero speed” (5)
10Murder victim on radio was competent (4)
11Brown coal fails to start fire (6)
12Disgust shown by what’s sworn in the heather (8)
13Where developments take place when dreadful fate overwhelms vessel, right? (8)
15In Nebraska, board game overturns, causing swelling (6)
17Landing-nets meet, needing sorting out like this? (15)
20I, doctor?  I exist to drink (6)
22Someone sent out young woman in bad year (8)
24Give early notice of danger and hide most of reward in fondue – not expected! (8)
26Silver dagger, oddly, could be useful to polar explorer (6)
28Holly found in April, exclusively (4)
29Irritated, losing head, then made more comfortable (5)
30Something to slice or use when thinking (4)
Clues down
1Huge mass of ice seen in December, generally (4)
2Put pair in kitchen basin, and the French scatter droplets (8)
3Dance jacket (6)
4Petty nature revealed by little-cared-for headland (5-10)
5Pieces scattered when her plans go astray (8)
6Club he had immersed (6)
7Dish left in cooler (4)
14American chopper lands on British island – that’s self-evident (5)
16Girl stuck between opposing sides concerned with heavenly body (5)
18Great need almost sorted out for young person (8)
19Just like the boss!  Flower left in May, heartlessly (8)
21Chopper assisting climber on Everest (3-3)
23The team which is batting – or not yet out of the pavilion? (6)
25Birds are slow when confused (4)
27Equipment, when faulty, creates rage (4)

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