Crossword No 12 (third series)

11          12                 
13    14        15      16         
17        18      19             
20          21        22        23 
24                25  26    27     
28              29             

Clues across
9Volunteers drank – getting drunk – from this vessel (7)
10Former love with nervous twitch has a collection of foreign items (7)
11So the confusion produces a distinctive character (5)
12Thin strip of wood wrapped round salty mixture – find a way out of that! (9)
13Wonk turns away from shelf for information (9)
16Used by bird in frontal onslaught (5)
17Rubbing?  Not right – it’s a lie! (7)
19English parliamentarian gets knotted and drained (7)
20Keep quiet on the mat and show indifference (5)
21Lost again?  Not how it once was! (9)
24Just the same, I impress one state (9)
26Officer in charge gets stuck in chimney – find a substitute! (5)
28This type of power is novel, we hear, and without pollutants (7)
29Seen in the Alps – French lake that is held by king (7)
Clues down
1Vein of fat, perhaps, in cut of meat – that’s about right (6)
2Pinch head off to make short length (4)
3Restrains the Spanish girl (6)
4False god is lazy, they say (4)
5Weak condition of European river rising in swamp, submerging English ship (10)
6Pets cross over threshold (8)
7Indicating to record everyone’s arrived?  Good! (10)
8Unfortunate dame clutching facial feature cut to shape in workshop (8)
14Commanding officer turns up with most of money in circulation, to be put on start of evening’s event (10)
15Where one may get Meals on Wheels? (6-4)
17Shapes styles (8)
18Harvest is lodged in building at her farm (8)
22Misshapen loaf in a tin initially not sinking (6)
23Have high opinion of poster on muddy patch (6)
25Drag eccentric leader to toboggan (4)
27Start of corrosion seen on trendy item for computer (4)

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