Crossword No 13 (third series)

11          12                 
13              14    15         
16    17        18  19        20     
21        22          23        24 
25              26             
27          28                 

Clues across
1Tiny tiger, confused, displays honesty (9)
6Legal claims, it’s said, are ceremonial observances (5)
9Drug, initially, is comfort in ailment (7)
10Goods sent abroad from former harbours (7)
11Farewell to God in France (5)
12Decree to have one surrounded by artillery (9)
13Head of government was speechifying – that’s accepted (7)
14Settled deed about detective organisation (7)
16Gather together and adjust prices in favour of seller (5-2)
19Good!  French love this attractive quality (7)
21Pinch fleece, we hear, for abrasive (5,4)
23Cricket teams dismiss the Spanish – a 50-50 bet? (5)
25One herb or, for example, a number (7)
26Country full of anger? (7)
27Relieves pain – stops without starting! (5)
28No talkative bird Edward put up for election (9)
Clues down
1"Help Northern Ireland!" written up in another country (5)
2Twaddle spoken by one graduate in Japanese company (7)
3Marked at various levels, got a degree (9)
4Below zero – water frozen above mountain pass on first of December (3-4)
5Gave up dye; led one astray (7)
6Mature writer suppressed by state (5)
7Herd not upset when given top seat (7)
8Communists (American) turn up, holding three leading characters in penitentiary.  That’ll hold things up! (9)
13Banking system, we’re told, has room for manoeuvre – it maintains balance with spin (9)
15Tea with melon containing Ecstasy?  It changes colour very easily! (9)
17How to economise?  It’s no good! (7)
18He is one in favour of nun seizing first of opportunities (7)
19Metallic element is all one placed in adhesive (7)
20In October, woman produces ham (7)
22Meadow, north/south, is inclined (5)
24Pig, thrown out of piece of dining-room furniture, favoured one party (5)

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