Crossword No 16 (third series)

11                  12         
13        14  15    16        17     
18                  19         
20    21      22        23        24 
25                  26         
27              28             

Clues across
1He traps domestic animal, expensive in France (7)
5Young male lovers surround lad with playthings (3,4)
9Grave inscription held by Detective Sergeant sheds water (5)
10Could be retail, Ian, among other things (5,4)
11Diced sets cut up (9)
12Definition of small tree?  “Distorted bush” about right? (5)
13Drilled and fed up (5)
15One enlisting again around first of December makes sharp reply (9)
18Pot-belly seen in porthole at front of ship? (3-6)
19Cut back manuscript for tests (5)
20French and English articles used in turning-machine (5)
22Invoice directors for hoarding (9)
25Small bomb holds popular syrup (9)
26Boy seen round Channel Islands is young member of family (5)
27Fashion with pen?  Such unpretentiousness! (7)
28Sailor must unfold ye chart (7)
Clues down
1Record holding poem is put into cipher (5)
2Pair of identical siblings man ship – powered like this? (4-5)
3More of it is said to reduce speed (5)
4Revelled noisily, so retired in confusion (9)
5Carried short drink to editor (5)
6Hiker, rosy, lost in county (9)
7Labourer loses head in tanker (5)
8Poets working while their mates were on strike?  They carried swords! (9)
13Mug turns up, following fraudulent scheme.  Something to chew over? (6-3)
14View spoiled, surrounded by brewer’s wagons in approaches to houses (9)
16Scoff about source of water covering unknown precious stones (9)
17Playwright trims data in a strange manner (9)
21Time to split fashion? (5)
22Rib gets broken over American state’s ocean (5)
23Fundamental degree’s not good, mostly (5)
24No rod?  Perhaps this person will give you something (5)

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