Crossword No 18 (third series)

11          12                 
13                  14         
15        16        17        18     
19    20      21        22        23 
24                  25         
26              27             

Clues across
9A group at work in desert (7)
10Cardboard box with nothing in it – something to laugh at? (7)
11Artless one gets put in the main part of the church (5)
12Country merchandise – porcelain? (9)
13A board placed on overturned bed?  That’s contentious! (9)
14Extreme mix-up at URL (5)
15They look for enjoyment in confused UK press release about leader of enemies (8-7)
19Girl's company needed at dance party (5)
21Skill (reasonable) shown in market for hand-made items (5,4)
24One loud curse almost turns out to be absurd (9)
25Names devout women holding nothing (5)
26In France, we mostly have veal – that's novel! (7)
27Left out Tom, tied in knots (7)
Clues down
1Gaped in well-trodden way, looking back (6)
2Arab veil could be changeable (8)
3Commercial outlet in weeks before Christmas (6)
4Containers overturn with high pressure in this refreshment room (5,3)
5Writer to steal another's work in south-east (6)
6Contemptible person to make a fuss about old city (8)
7Graduate holding revolver?  Quite the reverse – a blue! (6)
8Spank European Economic Community, perhaps – they're covering up joints (8)
15Getting feet wet whilst canoeing (8)
16Charred or burned rubber (8)
17Analysis of metrical patterns as noise mostly bounces back around cans (8)
18Clear out cave, turning up with high-class tea (stirred) (8)
20Metal formed from sulphur, oxygen, deuterium, iodine – with a little hesitation! (6)
21Sing together or refrain (6)
22Endless beating needed to get this from bark (6)
23Unfortunately desire to dwell (6)

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