Crossword No 19 (third series)

10                11           
12                  13  14       
15      16        17          18   
20  21      22            23       
24          25  26               
27                28           

Clues across
8Motorway approaches fell another motorway climbs?  Thatís an unfortunate occurrence! (6)
9Energetic person could give you a shock (4,4)
10Hot air upset prig Ė that should keep a shock in place (8)
11Titled chap in New York Ė almost (6)
12Checks shades, we hear, placed along the roadside (10)
14Chopped into cubes, head removed and covered in sugar (4)
15Boy holds French film comedian in depot (7)
17Bird hiding broken gun in fallen pine (7)
20Maintain caver, failing to start (4)
22Bewitched, get tied up after shift (10)
24One asleep smoked fish? (6)
26Get angle on church to reveal brilliance (8)
27Poor specimen we stick to, itís said (8)
28Brunel, for instance, forgoing Queenís source of power (6)
Clues down
1Fine malt, after processing, can light things up! (8)
2Rebel has to massage angel (6)
3Old exercises performed on limited food supplies Ė performed in theatre (10)
4Spill gin cocktail?  No wonder, when itís not held upright! (7)
5Stevenís no saint Ė thatís on the level! (4)
6Listener overwhelmed by jazz is cursing (8)
7Screen, for example, turning up around stream (6)
13Out of order, slept with accountant Ė but itís one way to attain higher status! (10)
16Twist weapon in toll-gate (8)
18Pub overlooking hospital department holding up company is not guilty (8)
19Nobility look closely at duration of life (7)
21Twisted English devil is hidden from view (6)
23Fruit found in circle on mountain chain (6)
25Bird upsets story-teller (4)

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