Crossword No 20 (third series)

11                  12         
13        14      15        16     
17            18  19            20 
21    22      23        24         
25                  26         
27              28             

Clues across
1Beat leader of desperados with spirit at sea (7)
5Green pair of bridge players get five promissory notes (7)
9Flat and unadorned (5)
10Animal with a record, we hear, appears in list (9)
11Powerful vessel wrecked petís abode (9)
12Cancel yearly publication which has omitted an article (5)
13Miners change grids, for example (7)
15Agitated bishop is surrounded by swirling tides (7)
17Ugly fish found in tumbledown house (7)
19Leading politician breaks up empire at start of Ramadan (7)
21Lieutenant, say, could be like a sailor (5)
23A blue fruit not ripening at first Ė but it could be made attractive (9)
25Present counter Iíd broken (9)
26Good steed losing head Ė itís prickly! (5)
27He is held by suspect, returning after court is dismissed, in ancient city (7)
28Louts, disturbed, grab alien to reveal escape routes (7)
Clues down
1Put down Post Offices, indeed! (7)
2Not requited, Eva gunned wildly (9)
3Explosives planted, dug out of the ground (5)
4Medical men have cords to untangle (7)
5Lands in European countries (7)
6Fire-god is first of Elysians to toughen rubber (9)
7Groan about instrument (5)
8Woman led around fifty getting bombarded (7)
14Small horse has mouse running round tail first, having its name derived from anotherís (9)
16Strengthen and control police, perhaps (9)
17Showing enmity to innkeeper on French island (7)
18Puts down membership fee (membership fees) (7)
19Broken cable seen in river Ė itís inactive, but you wonít know! (7)
20Waves Ė or gadgets for making them? (7)
22Late, missing start of evensong at church.  Lifting this will let you in (5)
24Mean to be drunk (5)

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