Crossword No 21 (third series)

10                11           
12                    13       
14      15            16        17   
18  19      20            21       
22            23               
24                25           

Clues across
8Eccentric character has party on dam (6)
9Confused leader in outskirts of Twyford used foot to get things going (8)
10Pounce, switching leading characters, to seize the French wealth (8)
11Fool goes to church – what a jerk! (6)
12Censor item found in box of crayons (4,6)
13Russian seen in one vehicle (4)
14Hidden away for special customers – beneath the calculator? (5,3,7)
18Mineral in metal container (4)
20Made up material before revised date (10)
22Girl’s glad, mainly, about alternative one (6)
23They look at their instruments or a vista for a change (8)
24Girl has a record, we hear – not digital (8)
25Idiot with alien’s property (6)
Clues down
1Very quiet priest absorbed by Buddhist cult was a German high-flier (8)
2King George the First suppressing London School of Economics?  That’s small fry! (6)
3Feathers hit first one in the bar (8)
4Torturer’s assistant bringing in the rack?  Or someone to help carry away the victim? (9-6)
5Lament is unsettling, but it’s all in the mind! (6)
6And another thing – bit of arithmetic! (8)
7French give thanks to a kingdom of old (6)
15Run rings round cleric confused after two different directions (8)
16North American oil rig could be the first of its kind (8)
17Curse box lying under river (8)
19Dying, but not initially ill (6)
20Projecting rim of open tart, for example, gets turned up (6)
21Affirm switch of consonants in 25 (6)

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