Crossword No 22 (third series)

11          12                 
13    14        15  16    17        18 
20              21             
22        23        24  25    26     
27              28             

Clues across
9Russian with gardening tool featured in Scott’s novel (7)
10Measure limb – something to get hanged from (7)
11He’s eating in this establishment (5)
12So full, but not quite holding back most of worry.  That’s sad (9)
13Slash mixture of urea and PVC (5,2)
16Composer in one small volume up and over (7)
19Twisted egocentric metal made attractive by passing current through a coil surrounding it (15)
20One dodging round coal pit is put forward for election (7)
21A murder?  Perhaps we learn about it through this (7)
22Car driver takes over control of aircraft (9)
25Diet drink seen in pub? (5)
27Stand up awkwardly to find somewhere to put floor sweepings (7)
28Mercury, for instance, has creature from outer space holding the French chaps (7)
Clues down
1Driver sits behind it to turn handle and project film (10)
2Conceited, showing the way the wind’s blowing, we’re told (4)
3Prince not turning up for dance (10)
4Dining-hall’s in a state of disorder (4)
5Skimmer gutless Henry let fall on road (10)
6Three in disorderly riot (4)
7Sis? (4-6)
8Girl on left is a radical (4)
14Complaint?  Must hire a medical leader – get it sorted (10)
15Pushing to drive fish (10)
17Conservative dwarf placed over queen – he’s in charge (10)
18Unfinished, damaged pelt included in revenue (10)
22Helps, it could be said (4)
23Greek character turns up in middle of gym lesson, playing this? (4)
24Make long hard journey, coming back through hi-jacker territory (4)
26Most of Cheshire town in gang (4)

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