Crossword No 23 (third series)

11          12                 
13    14              15         
16          17  18           
19            20 
21          22    23             
24        25          26    27     
28          29                 

Clues across
9Can we shut out this little nibble? (6,3)
10Dog runs around ancient city to get pumpkin (5)
11Fold petal (5)
12Poorly, for example, having nasty bile?  Canít make sense of it! (9)
13Rude about five unable to pay debts (9)
15Create fake in smithy (5)
16Decides the merits of Old Testament book (6)
18First of clients at bar Ė thatís brilliant! (6)
21Sailor has collection of books and cards (5)
22Spray sail at sea, causing loss of power (9)
24Talkative, backward artistís wrapped in tattered rug with tailless insect (9)
26Opera Ė not quite as usual (5)
28Wear away pole with bit of emery on each side (5)
29Open codes to change instrument for internal viewing (9)
Clues down
1Doubter poisoned about a hundred (7)
2Man, say, lies uneasily (4)
3Try out series of steps for initial aerial voyage (4,6)
4Popular team not outdoors (6)
5Fit and active lithe cat (8)
6Eager to be seen as a giant (4)
7Too many to count without anaesthetic (10)
8Stuck at this place in sum (7)
14Mathematical term describing malformation of container-grown plant? (6,4)
15Price put on good queen holding young Leonard, displaying lack of strength (10)
17Thought drink was ready for painting by artist (8)
19Rodents swallow egg (turned over) and walk in drunken fashion (7)
20A pseudo-editor is made to feel sorry (7)
23Unfortunate desire to dwell permanently (6)
25Drug addictís ruse goes astray (4)
27Floor lacking lino initially turns up as this (4)

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