Crossword No 25 (third series)

10          11                 
12            13      14         
15          16                17 
18        19        20  21         
23              24             

Clues across
1Ron must change medicine (7)
5Old English mud formed into shape (7)
9Steel worker put curse on stoker (5-10)
10Soldier retreats from toilet in cold house (5)
11Fords Tees in a rage and chops down all the trees (9)
12Sharp fulcrum (5,4)
14Risky, whiskery (5)
15In the centre of five hundred surrounded by fog (5)
16Strangely, rats breed bird (9)
18Goatherd, Fascist leader, could become a sponsor (9)
21Banished person seen in one-time French island (5)
22Actresses earn it, possibly needing no pressing (6-9)
23Space for cargo found in final period (7)
24Diode is wrongly exposed to halogen (7)
Clues down
1Writer’s point – to beat golf club (7)
2Attributed to petty thinker: “After opening of shopping mall, dined badly with indefinite number in mess” (5-10)
3About start of teatime, Trevor turned up to turn back (9)
4Pile found in the Alamo under the fortifications (5)
5Dangerous area – where the coal pits are? (9)
6Cruel open sore (5)
7Servant sitting on creatures – cats and dogs, say (8,7)
8Saint and two unknowns come together as a succession of important people (7)
13An unknown competitor rode shark 19 (4,5)
14Strapped in?  17 send share (9)
15Amazing wise men alight on US state (7)
17Taken out to dinner, perhaps, and given 1 across (7)
19Away from land and disorganised (2,3)
20Stir nothing into Swiss potato dish (5)

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