Crossword No 26 (third series)

11                  12         
13        14  15    16        17     
18                  19        20 
21    22      23        24         
25                  26         
27              28             

Clues across
1Play on words about girl – a very strait-laced person (7)
5Cat’s nap is disturbed by rope-winder (7)
9Make merry, overturning bar (5)
10Oarsman upset liner?  Good! (9)
11Plate they smashed by thought transference (9)
12Divorced spouse gets pictures returned – more than expected (5)
13Placing coalmine in south-east causes ill-will (5)
15Make laws?  Support is slow to arrive (9)
18Confused vet, for example, prepared to get food plant (9)
19Money for wild animal (5)
21The French and the English make a machine (5)
23Worthless team of directors forms a foundation (9)
25Rousing unknown number in overturned trap after a funeral vigil (9)
26I care about heather (5)
27Attempted to put composition before editor (7)
28‘Lion man’ changing in name only (7)
Clues down
1Spies lose leader when holding traitor for nautical robbers (7)
2Rebelling?  How disgusting! (9)
3Flower?  Put back about fifty-one (5)
4Truncheon carried during hours of darkness in place of entertainment (5,4)
5Important characters in Canterbury and York provide a confection (5)
6He declares his beliefs and is given a chair (9)
7Foolish person swallows head of salmon, producing wind (5)
8Tell a story: ‘Tear ran uncontrollably’ (7)
14Telemetry fails to start after taking in unknown quantity, and then gets shaken up – very much so! (9)
16Mechanic’s tool used to bribe professional killer (6,3)
17I’m stuck in a country, showing work of Disney studios (9)
18Label swallowed by rodent providing quantity of electromotive force (7)
20Bold lad, eccentric (7)
22Rips, and these are shed (5)
23Put up in Dublin, endlessly confused (5)
24Fish found in quantity of paper under book (5)

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