Engineering & Science
The Principles of Thermal Sciences and their Application to Engineering

Dr. J.C. Jones, Senior Lecturer, Department of Engineering, University of Aberdeen

234 156 mm; 160pp; illustrated
ISBN 1-870325-18-4

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This book presents an integrated approach to thermodynamics and heat transfer suitable for undergraduates on a number of courses.

Topics covered include:

  • The First Law of Thermodynamics, fundamentals and applications
  • The Second and Third Laws
  • Thermodynamic cycles including the Carnot, Rankine and Otto Cycles
  • Conduction of heat, under both steady and non-steady conditions
  • Forced and natural convection of heat
  • Radiation heat transfer
  • Introductory statistical thermodynamics

In addition there are many numerical examples throughout the text and at the end of each chapter.

ideal for tutorial use or private study
solutions booklet available for lecturers
an ideal book for courses in mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, fuel and energy technology, fire science and related subjects.

What the reviews say:

'The author should be congratulated on a clear exposition of a difficult topic in a very well written book which is well prepared with crystal clear text and line drawings. At a price of less than 17 it is a good buy and can be thoroughly recommended as excellent value for money.'

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